Proven Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Chance of Success with an Ad Agency (HINT: It doesn’t have to do with your ad account).

So what’s the difference between the client that thrives and the client that’s just trying to survive?

Improve Your Website Experience

We’ve also had clients post items with zero descriptions and one stock photo.

  • Does your homepage speak to new users? If you knew NOTHING about the store, would you shop?
  • Are the collections on your website relevant and organized? I’ve done audits where the client still has a holiday section on their site in March. That’s not a recipe for success.
  • Check your load time: the longer they wait, the higher likelihood that customers will bounce.
  • Remove any 401 or dead pages. I’ve seen home pages where you click into a collection only to find zero products and blank pages. You can bet people are leaving and not coming back if they see that!
  • Feature your best-performing collections first. Don’t feature “sales” or “Clearance” at the top unless you want discount shoppers.
  • Make sure your product images are consistent: no stock photos! Use professional, unique, in-house photos. This includes the sizing, crops, and backgrounds. They don’t need to be insane studio quality, but they should NOT be so random that it literally hurts the eyes.
  • Shipping speed or high shipping costs can kill your conversation rate. Especially when they only reveal themselves at checkout.

Commit to Communication

If our biggest accounts can find time to communicate with us multiple times weekly, everyone should be able to!

  • Has it been a week since you talked to your account manager? If so, that’s not good. Set up weekly or bi-weekly calls. It’s ok if you miss them from time to time but don’t get in the habit of doing it often.
  • Get group texts going with your team and ours so you can send over insights often.
  • Create a shared slack channel!
  • Set a google alert to reach out once weekly so you don’t forget.
  • Delegate updates from your team who can let us know what is happening at your operation without you needing to do it.
  • Respond to your weekly insights emails with what you’re planning for next week.

Monitor Your Inventory

  • Order specific SKUs for ads and order them deeper. Think about leaving them OFF your live sales so they don’t sell out too quickly.
  • Create a recurring task to have you or someone on your team send products to focus on every other week.
  • Keep your collections organized and seasonal on your site so our team can feature collections along with specific products.
  • Send over your top-performing brands.
  • Check your add to cart vs waitlist ratio inside CommentSold or the number of users abandoning a product page inside Shopify.

Interested in learning more? Check out this video we did on our Deep Dives! These help to evaluate every step of the shopping experience and find where things can be improved.



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